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Diamond Colour:

Diamonds are graded on a scale of D (colourless) through to Z (light yellow colour).  

The colour of a diamond is referred to a diamond's lack of colour.

It is grading the whiteness of a diamond. 

A colour grade of D is the highest (rarest), while Z is the lowest.

Diamond Colour Scale:

D Grade Diamonds- Absolutely colourless

These are exceptionally rare diamonds with the highest colour grade.

Grade E-F Colourless-

Small traces of colour detected only by an expert. These are rare diamonds.

Grade G-H - Near to colourless –

Colour may be difficult to see unless compared side-by-side against diamonds that have better grades. These are exceptional diamonds.

Grade I-J – Near colourless –

A valuable diamond with detectable warmth or tone.

Grade K-M – Colour can be noticed.

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Grade N-Z - Colour noticeable.

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