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Diamond Carat:

The term "carat" is specifically a measurement of a diamonds weight,  and on it's own may not be able to accurately measure the size of a diamond. Diamond size is evaluated by viewing the diamond from the top as that is how diamonds us presented to us when it is set into a ring. Diamonds can actually look larger with a good cut.

Choosing the correct carat weight:

When it comes to diamonds biggest is not always best. Factors that may effect your decision are: 

  • Budget  
  • Finger size
  • Setting size

If you have a precise budget and you do not wish to compromise on the weight of the diamond, look at diamonds with a good cut,  SI1-SI2 clarity, and a H or I colour grade.

The smaller the ring size the bigger the diamond will look. 

Inspect diamonds that are sized at half-carat weights and also full-carat weight as the prices of them do jump high at these points. The carat weight is dispensed across the diamond.